ArtecRobo Programmable Robot T.REX


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  • Build, learn, and play with ArtecRobo, a comprehensive series of robotics programming kits from Japan’s leading educational company.
  • Take a thrilling trip to the prehistoric with two versions of the King of Dinosaurs, monkey around with Robo Kong, or watch your Bipedal Robot take its precious first steps.
  • Program using our own kid-friendly Icon and Block Programming Environments on Windows, Mac OS X, or Raspbian, get advanced with Arduino IDE, or code on the go using your Android or iOS device.
  • Bring your robots to life immediately with ready-to-use programs or create your own magic from the ground up.
  • Full Arduino compatibility allows you to convert and fine tune your programs or expand and prototype using an endless selection of off-the-shelf parts, including breadboards.


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